Beautifully Crafted Premium Yoga Mat

Organic Tree Rubber

Tree rubber offers the best surface for natural grip and support. The mat has tacky grip when you need it, but won't stick to you when you need to move. Simply put, it is the best of both worlds. We believe we have both the optimal blend of raw materials for an extremely functional mat, and the design to make it the best looking mat you will use.

Multi-Layer Construction

A comfortable 5mm (1/4") thick, the subtle etching on the top helps to give you the right amount of grip. The bottom layer is less dense to provide cushioning during your practice. A finely etched pattern means that your mat won't slip on the floor. A closed cell membrane on the top prevents sweat and dirt from getting into the mat.

Matching fitted tote

Our mat is weighty at 7 pounds! Premium materials make the mat this heavy. Every mat comes with a matching fitted tote bag that perfectly fits so you can easily carry your mat to and from practice. The draw string top will keep your mat from coming out as you gallivant around, but it will not fully close in order to allow the mat to breathe.

Pre-Washed By Hand (Optional!)

Natural rubber comes with a very recognizable smell. This goes away with regular use, and some Born Yogis will want the new rubber smell so they can break in their own mat. We also offer a service where we will hand wash your mat with high quality tea tree oil in three separate stages before it heads out our door. Did we mention this is just $5 as well?

Passion: More than Just a Mat

We believe genuine passion shows in the work you do. We want our excitement from creating your mat to help inspire you during the time you spend practicing with it.

Originally published in 1974 on the back of the final issue of the Whole Earth Catalogue, and again made famous in 2005 by Steve Jobs' commencement speech, 'stay hungry, stay foolish' is the catalyst for this company. The quote is printed on the back of every mat as a reminder to go out and enjoy your life exactly as you see fit.


It is easy go out and just be a company that just sells another 'product'. We think we can do better by actively supporting all Born Yogis to grow and improve their life in whatever way they seek. Spreading yoga, health, and better lifestyle is our primary goal.

Access to Resources

We have the resources to answer any questions you have about your practice. We are always seeking out and looking to partner with other like-minded companies in any industry to offer discounts, sponsorships, education, and rewards for the members of Born Yoga.

Spread the Word

We really believe you should love your mat and we hope that you will love ours. If you refer one of your friends to us and they purchase a mat, then we want to reward you for helping spread healthier lifestyles.